US Travel Docs

US Travel Docs

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A lot of prospective visitors to the United States are usually at a loss of how to go about the US application process. The visa application usually comes with various procedures which have to be followed by the applicants if they want to be successful with their applications.

US Travel Docs Passport Status

Visa status applicants can easily check the status of their passports after their interviews. The country has implemented various platforms to allow visa applicants to check their passport status after an interview. Applicants looking to track the status of their passports can log on to CEACStatTracker/Status.

Applicants are advised to wait for a minimum of three days after their visa interviews before they can proceed to check for the status of their passport. Apart from this website, the US immigration and Department of States also have other methods created for applicants to check their passports.

US Travel Docs Passport Track

When applying for a US visa, you can easily track your passport. When you have applied for a US visa, you can track your passport easily. There are three main ways of doing this. It can be done through:

Email: To track your passport through email, you are expected to send a personal email to [email protected] You will also need to provide a genuine passport number in the body or subject of your email.

This should be done in the same way that you entered it during your appointment schedule. You are not expected to send in any more text. An automatic response on your passport status will be sent to you.

Telephone: Your passport status can also be checked by telephone. There are specific phone numbers dedicated to applicants due to their application region.

How to Retrieve CGI Profile on US Travel Docs

CGI is a private company that has been contracted by the US Department of State to process visa services to applicants. The company helps to collect and process the information of US visa applicants. All US Visa applicants are usually given CGI profiles to help capture useful information about their purpose for traveling. 

You can simply retrieve your CGI profile on US travel docs. This can be done by logging onto the official CGI federal website that helps in the processing of visa applications for applicants. You are expected to log into the system by using the same credentials (email and password) that you used when you were making your visa fee payment. 

When you get access to the system, there is a user dashboard that will be shown to visitors. This dashboard contains your profile and all other information that is relevant to your US visa application. Your CGI profile allows you to schedule an appointment for a US visa. This is done by providing your passport ID number, your CGI reference application number, and your 10 digits DS-160 barcode number.

How to Fill US Travel Docs for H1B Visa

The H1B visa is a nonimmigrant and temporary visa that is granted to skilled workers to stay and work while in the US. The H1B visa only covers visa applicants for only a limited period. The H-1B visa is a US H1B visa that is described as a specialty occupation. This is used to infer that the visa holder works in a job function that needs specialized knowledge or skills.

To get an H1B visa, applicants are expected to fill the Form I-129. This is the official US travel doc for nonimmigrant and temporary workers to the US. The Form I-129.

The H1B US visa has a three-year validity. On the expiration of the initial three years, holders are eligible to apply to get an extension of three extra years. This means that the H1B visa allows its holders to stay in the US for a maximum period of three years. 

Form I-129 is a 36-page form that involves nine parts and several sections. Part 1 of the form involves the details of the petitioner, while Parts 2 to 9 include the details of the beneficiary.


One of the best ways of getting your US visas on time is to understand many of the processes involved with US travel docs. The United States Citizenship and Immigration services have specific rules for every visa applicant to follow. The processes outlined in this post will help inform applicants of the processes involved in the application for a US visa. If you have any queries regarding US Travel & Visa Docs you can also visit:

FAQs For US Travel Docs

1). What is a US visa CGI number?

Your CGI US Visa number is your CGI reference number that is given to you when you pay for your visa. CGI as a private processing entity for US visa applications gives all applicants unique numbers after they pay their application fee.

2). What does CGI US visa mean?

CGI US visa is used to describe the services offered by CGI federal. The US Department of State has contracted a private company known as CGI federal to handle all collections for US visa applications. CGI is also expected to process the information of all applicants to provide support for the application process.

3). When do I know when my passport is ready for collection?

If your passport is ready for collection, you will be notified. Your online passport status will read: “ready for pick up.” If this message is displayed on your passport status, then it means that you can go visit the required visa collection center to get your passport.

The US Embassy/Consulate does not assist visa applicants to deliver their passports after completion of their Visa application processes. The US usually advises visa applicants not to contact them about the delivery status of their passports.

4). How long do I need to wait to get my US visa from the embassy?

It usually takes between 3 and 5 weeks for the US embassy to process visa applications. As soon as the embassy finishes the processing of applicant visas, they make them available for pick up. This is followed by the passport delivery process which usually takes a maximum of two days.

5). What is proof of sufficient funds for a US visa?

Proof of sufficient funds is a set of documents that is demanded by the US embassy to help ensure that visa applicants can sustain themselves throughout their stay in the US. For applicants to prove that they have sufficient funds to stay in the US, they will have to show various documents like passbooks, bank statements, tax returns, salary slips/pay stubs, fixed savings, or deposits documents.

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