How can I get to Puerto Rico for cheap?

How can I get to Puerto Rico for cheap?

Posted By: Admin 10 Sep, 2022

If you want to get to Puerto Rico without spending a fortune, you should follow these useful tips:

  • Where to stay – You can stay at Paradores (family-owned hotels) or Airbnb.
  • Things to do – You don’t need to spend any money. There are many things to do such as spending a day at the beach, exploring a beautiful rainforest, etc.
  • Where to eat – Save a lot of money by eating cheap and delicious foods where the locals eat. There are many small food carts and family-owned bakeries where you can find affordable cuisine.
  • Own tour – you can design your curated tour around the island. The easier way to see the best of everything without taking your bills so high is to hire a local travel expert and come up with a customized tour for you.

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